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Arcania Featured Artist Friday with Alexis Collins

Happy New Year, Arcanians! Welcome to Arcania’s “Featured Artist Friday”! Let me introduce you to local dancer, choreographer, model, and beautiful soul, Alexis Collins. I met Alexis while she attended a casting call for Arcania 2017. To say myself and the other designers were impressed with her would be an understatement. She wowed us with her poise, grace and talent then and continues to do so now. I have had the opportunity and good fortune to have worked with her on multiple occasions and Alexis kindly agreed to be a part of this new segment for Arcania by answering a few questions. Read her answers below and follow Alexis on her social media outlets, Arcania: Please tell us a little about yourself and your art? Alexis: I’m an Artist based in the Midwest but the World is my home. I have known I wanted to be a dancer since I was a little girl, it’s my anointed gift, my calling. I also play with oil pastels, painting, collage art, and I’m picking up an instrument that I can’t wait to show you. Within the last few years I started modeling to invite a more grounded sense of self esteem, to better appreciate the Beauty I’ve been blessed with in a world that can be led by comparison. I created SolLuna Visuals & Choreography to display my creative perspective on what I’m currently learning in life and how I apply it to living within the collective. I want my art to be more of a reminder to others that we aren’t in this alone. Arcania: What motivates you? Alexis: My personal freedom motivates me. Like I mentioned earlier, I used to have a strong tendency to compare my path to others, not appreciating the individuality that I bring to this world. There is only one Me. There is only one You. And that’s so beautiful.

My personal freedom means to liberate myself of labels, social constructs, ideas, or beliefs that weigh down my limitless expression. I am multidimensional. I’m boundless. I’m free. What are you carrying around that isn’t even yours? Is it serving you? I like to evaluate those kind of things. Do I need this where I’m going next? We get to pick things up and put things down because most of the time those things are external to our existence anyway. What’s real is your Soul, your Spirit. The untamed unnamed energy within. That’s what I bring my attention to, and that’s what motivates my Artistry. Arcania: What projects are you currently working on that you would like to share Alexis: Some future projects - I’m about to buy a new instrument so I’m excited to further connect with the musical language, more modeling, lastly more episodes of my podcast, season two starts October 7th ! As far as dance goes, I’m currently training. My next mission hasn’t revealed itself yet but God told me to get ready. So I’m getting ready to be ready.

IG @solluna_visuals Or Lexic_sunshine

Twitter: @sollunasunshine

Triller: @sollunasunshine


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