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Arcania Featured Artist Friday with Charity Hall

What do the bands 5TK, Magnolia Wine, and Extra all have in common? This doll right here! Born and raised (aside for a few years in Seattle) in Jefferson City, this boy Mom of 4 and grandmother lends her talented vocals to all three of these bands! I have known her for a few years and have photographed her many times while she was on stage, but we only recently had a chance to sit down and chat over a bottle of wine while we got her ready for this interview and shoot. With that megawatt smile and beautiful voice, how could you not love her! Be sure to follow her bands at: - What first got you into music? My parents. They had music on all the time and they both encouraged me in performing. My mom took me to my first audition when I was 3! Growing up I heard everything from Big Band to Black Sabbath. It gave me a great appreciation for so many genres. My heart will always be rock n roll but there’s nothing wrong with a good trombone! - Who would you most like to collaborate with? Pink or Stevie Nicks. Pink has incredible style and her voice is fantastic. I would give up a digit just to sing backup for her. Stevie is the epitome of a female musician. She’s an icon and her music has been the background to so much of my life. - If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be? Pink again! Her audience is mostly younger women/girls and that’s a great group to be in front of with the right message. - What are your favourite and least favourite venues? I LOVE outdoor venues! The festival feel of the crowd is energizing and the sound is great. - What is your favourite song to perform? Evanescence - Bring Me to Life Amy Lee has this ethereal voice that can’t be matched so I bring my own style to it. That song is vocally challenging and I love the “epic-ness” of it. - What is the best advice you’ve been given? Just do it. Even if you’re terrified of failing, you’ll always regret the chances not taken. - Do you have any upcoming shows? 5TK taking a bit of a break right now to work on new songs but we’ll be back before you know it. EXTRA will be at BJ’s in Linn next Friday, Jan 16. Magnolia Wine will be performing at the Red Slipper Warrior Valentine show on Feb. 12. Tickets available at!

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