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Arcania Featured Artist Friday with Tim Tinnin

Today we are going to go in a little bit of a different direction as I introduce you to Tim Tinnin. Tim is a painter and is currently in the process of writing and publishing his first children’s book, but I would like to turn your attention to his philanthropic work. Many of us locally already know Tim from either his 32 year career in law enforcement or from his annual street party and concert, AngiePalooza. AngiePalooza was formed from the grief of losing his wife, Angie, to colon cancer, and the desire to honor her memory in a big way. This concert has become a beloved event for Jefferson City and even though last year’s show was cancelled due to Covid, AngiePalooza is going strong into its 9th year (watch for an announcement for this year’s show). While we saw many things being cancelled and closed last year, we also saw many firsts and one of those first was the AngiePalooza Valentine’s Show benefitting The Red Slipper Warrior Project. The Red Slipper Warrior Project is an extension of AngiePalooza that came about as Tim identified a serious void during his late wife’s treatment. “Women experiencing cancer treatment side effects frequently say they “don’t feel pretty” or even that they don’t feel like a “girl”....that all people see is cancer. Effectively the cancer defines them.” This project exists to help them through that emotional and mental loss of identity. Here is Tim’s explanation of his organization: Red Slipper Warrior Project is an empowerment initiative for women and girls fighting cancer. In our two-pronged approach, we help them harness a warrior mindset and reinforce their identity as a woman or a girl. We provide our warriors with “Battle Gear” such as a pair of beautiful red sequined slippers to serve as a physical reminder that cancer does NOT define them. In addition to the slippers the women and young girls receive “Go Bags” to take with them to their treatments. Young warriors are gifted “Hope” the soft and cuddly lop-eared stuffed bunny and a children’s book about how Hope comes to the aid of her best friend. These gifts are all designed to create a powerful warrior mindset, an invincibility, while never forgetting that she is still “her”, still beautiful. That cancer does not define her, the treatment does not affect her true beauty and that she is empowered to “win each day” in her fight. She is a “Warrior Princess” Tonight alongside his beautiful and talented wife, Kitrina, Tim will be hosting the second annual AngiePalooza Valentine’s Show to benefit The Red Slipper Warrior Project. The show offers a big band styled array of vocalists and musicians that all hail from Mid-Missouri with a decadent meal to impress your significant other to start off this Valentine’s weekend. This show brings back that old Hollywood charm and romance of the 40’s and all for an amazing cause! Tickets have sold out so you’ll have to wait until next year to attend the show BUT you don’t have to wait to donate to the cause or to sponsor a warrior. Please check out their website and/or Facebook and Instagram page for more information:

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